About TDF, Canada

Year of Inception: 2005

Telangana Development Forum, Canada, and its subsidiary TDF, Canada are federally registered not-for-profit organization formed by the Telangana Non Resident Indians (T NRIs) living in Canada, to preserve the cultural identity and contribute to its development. TDF, Canada is formed to provide a dais for literary, cultural, educational, social and developmental activities in Canada and as well as in the state of Telangana, India.

About Telangana– The 29th state of Indian union

Telangana is a state in south central India, constituting most of the Deccan plateau. Centuries of independent existence has given Telangana its distinctive and rich culture and identity. This region is rich in natural resources with vast stretches of forests, rich mineral resources and great rivers.

Google ‘Telangana’ for detailed information

In this context, there is an increasing need for Telangana NRIs to do their part in development of Telangana state (both abroad and in India) which came into existence on June 02, 2014.

TDF, Canada will provide a platform for Telangana NRIs living in Canada to

  • Preserve and promote Telangana Culture and Identity in Canada
  • Engage in developmental and charitable activities in Canada / Telangana.
  • Will conduct seminars, publish papers/books to educate Telangana NRIs about problems and solutions about the issues of Telangana
  • Help new immigrants / students in settlements
  • Host visiting dignitaries from Telangana in Canada
  • Work with likeminded organizations irrespective of geographical location towards developing Telangana culture / traditions across the globe.
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